Our Reach

Not only are we the leader in IP Address centric technologies, but we also provide a global reach for our customers and partners. With insight and analysis key to the way we do business, we always have the means for confirming that reach to our prospectors. Our database now houses over 1,000,000 prospects who have interacted with us through the diverse portfolio that we maintain.

With over 300,000 unique visitors every day, more than 20 million page views per month and more than 500,000 active email contacts based in products, services, and information, it is no wonder why so many choose to advertise across our sustained platform for reaching potential leads. Our focus has been aligned into four technology categories of InfoTech, Software, Analysis and Marketing.

InfoTech is our base portfolio of high-traffic websites like IP-Adress.com. We have a substantial IP related portfolio of many more sites that are leveraged to support our partner’s advertising needs and deliver the optimal answers our interactive visitors are looking for in their search. Software is a growing portion of our technology arm to supply relevant and cutting-edge products for our customer’s needs both in corporate and retail sectors. The Marketing and Analysis divisions are built to serve our partner’s needs through our InfoTech category, and match a partnership that is mutually beneficial in growth. Learn more about our advertising opportunities through our Marketing division here or contact us to get started leveraging our high traffic to bring new customers to your business.

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IP Address Portals & Services

Specializing In IP Address Focused Sites & Services

The world’s leading IP address related website and community since 2006. With many competitors mimicking the success of the site, none have come close the reach that IP-Adress.com has when delivering value and information to countless millions every month.
The best IP address API client in use by thousands globally, this top rated IP API is the backbone to many other websites, software applications, and mobile technologies that require a highly reliable IP address data feed for their products and services.
A one-stop solution for giving you easy to find information about your IP address, including your IP location and system information. This online IP finding solution will present your IP address clearly.
A popular international French IP resource that is very popular in France and the United Kingdom with IT administrators and similar minded individuals in these regions who require more a reliable IP resource.
It will help you find a proxy that in turn will be a tool you can use to have a better experience online, without having to worry about privacy issues that is causing problems for millions of people.
Clearly the largest online directory for both current and legacy router information. A true Internet directory of routers that features top brands like Cisco, Linksys, HP, 3Com, and hundreds more, giving both business and consumers a helpful resource.
Similar to our API, TrackIPAddresses.com is the IP Address database leader for accuracy and dependability. Used and trusted for many years by some of today’s top services, our IP database provides a solution to a growing need of data and analysis specialties.

Email & Internet Services

Reaching From Consumer Technology To Business Related

The leading global resource for bulk email verification. Today’s largest companies are using BulkEmailVerifier.com to ensure they are reaching out to active and relevant customers through email marketing. Our bulk email verifier service is paving the way.
Our cutting-edge website availability testing service is used daily from individuals all across the world to test the availability of websites due to DNS or hosting issues. Our special technology allows users to troubleshooting web problems in a timely manner.
A pioneer in email tracing, TraceEmail.com continues to be the go to web resources for multiple email tracing solutions. Helping thousands yearly by providing the information they seek, the site is evergreen in its niche.
Our original and popular email verification service is still a highly visited resource to verify an email address online. VerifyEmailAddress.org continues to be the favorited website with business users looking to check an email’s validity.
VerifyEmailAddress.com is a email verification system that enables you to clean your email and use its power email verification system to reduce email bounce rates and maintain effective email marketing.
WhoIsThisPhone.com is the best resources for a reverse phone number lookup, helping researchers and consumers determine the location and owner of a phone number. From SPAM or solicitation calls, to wrong numbers, WhoIsThisPhone.com can target the source.

Software & Mobile Apps

From Mobile Apps to Desktop Applications

Nety is a handy networking and research tool for your smartphone that gives you the ability to trace, research, connect to, and investigate just about any IP Address or Domain Name out there – and all from the palm of your hands.
Our newest fast proxy switching software, HideIPPro.com provides users a safe and convenient way to gain access to a global IP address pool in order to conduct business or protect their privacy online. HideIPPro is set to become a leader in the field.
Our original and highly used proxy switching software, HideYourIPAddress.net is still resource counted on by many to provide privacy protection on the Internet. Featured in countless download portals and publications, it remains very popular.