Special Geo-Targeted Websites Launched

In an effort to consistently serve our users to the full capacity and in the best manner possible, Paul Internet has simultaneously launched four Geo-targeted websites to assist regionally located international users with a native interface and full localization support. Paul Internet is the global leader in IP address reporting and assistance technology, and these regionally based services will help deliver the same high quality information that millions each year have come to depend on from the company.

We recently caught up with Paul Internet CEO Michael Paul to discuss the launch. “Assisting our users with their biggest needs in localization was a top priority this year, and it is a fulfilled realization that is now met with the launch of these geo based projects.” Paul said. “Thousands of information seeking individuals now have another helpful piece of technology in their grasp to locate the data they need and in their own native language. “What’s been done here by the team is truly amazing” he further stated.

The growth of regionally based, language specific information, continues to be a growing trend as technology and interoperability grows. The launch of country specific domains and the availability of high quality translation experts comes together with pin-point IP address tracking for unique research tools available to millions around the world.

Take a look and explore the newest members of the Paul Internet family of digital services ready for use by you and countless others.

Newly Launched Geo-targeted Websites


For our users in France, MonIP.fr provides the native French dialect with full IP address and Whois reporting.


For our users in Spain and other Spanish speaking ares, MyIP.es provides the native Spanish dialect with full IP address and Whois reporting.


For our users in Germany, Eigene-IP.de provides the native Deutsch dialect with full IP address and Whois reporting.


With an expected large demand in Germany, a second Deutsch focused website was launched and provides full support as listed above.

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