Paul Internet Sees Social Media Technology Growth

If no other factors can tell you that social media is growing in use among the world population, and more new users are coming online daily that have never been exposed to services like Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter – then let our recent statistics do the convincing for you.

Social media growth is excelling for the Paul Internet properties, at least in the technology and information sector where we maintain Going Here. With own multiple social media profiles for our products and services across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube to name a few. Taking just these four larger platforms, we have seen a huge boom of fans and followers that have taken to these social platforms.

Here are some further statistics on our social media holdings:

  • 55% increase in social users since 2011.
  • 40% are more interactive than previous years.
  • 25% more prefer to communicate socially.

Again, based on our own groups, we are experiencing a monumental growth towards social and you can see why social media is an important factor in our business growth. We release this news as we now surpass 40,000 combined fans, followers, and subscribers!

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