Launches High

Here at Paul Internet, we have been busy sculpting another helpful tool for the Internet, this time focused on email tracing technology. The newest project to go live is, and within days it is already helping users trace email headers and giving an extra hand to those who need additional information on email owners. Many people who find this most useful are those who have been scammed online or looking for a lead in finding someone, such as family members or law enforcement.

This new tool is completely free for users to take advantage of when it comes to the email header trace. For a small fee, those who need the full report option are able to get additional information on an email address trace.

The reverse email search portion of the site is extremely easy to use. All the user needs to do is choose the report format they need and then enter the required information to start their search. The system will run through millions of records to find the best match for the user’s query and then displays the results instantly. is already seeing steady growth, and has been showcased by tech news publications.

For more information or to run your own email trace, please visit to start.


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